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About Us

Bridge of Promise is a local non-profit organization founded to enrich the lives of teens and adults with developmental disabilities. We do this by offering community-based day programs for adults ages twenty-one and up who have transitioned out of high school. We also provide engaging events and opportunities throughout the year for all ages of people with developmental disabilities such as; a Summer Fun Fair, inclusive Baseball Game with Seattle Prep High School Baseball Team, Friendship Dance for older teens and adults and so much more!

As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on sponsors and donors. Without the support of our sponsors and donors our program would not exist. It is with great pride that we are continuously building relationships in the community and bringing awareness of the constant need for programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The opportunities exponentially diminish for these folks after they transition from high school, leaving parents feeling like they are on their own and without support. Without a purpose these amazing special need adults regress. Bridge of Promise is doing everything possible to ensure there is a place for everyone, that everyone has an opportunity to feel purpose and that parents feel supported.

Meet the Board, Founder & Directors

Bridge of Promise would like to express our appreciation to our Board of Directors who have professional careers and have volunteered their spare time to be on the Bridge of Promise Board.

Board of Directors:

Neilson, Larry

Larry Neilson

I have recently joined the the Bridge of Promise board after being aware of Bridge of Promise for several years...
Jeff Daub

Jeff Daub

Vice President
I have been involved with Bridge of Promise for the past several years....
Chris- new 56186

Chris M. Falco, CPA,CBI, CM&AA

My wife and I have been donors and volunteers for many years and feel very strong about the mission and passion of Bridge of Promise.
Cliff Hanks

Cliff Hanks

I have been involved with Bridge of Promise since 2006....
Jodi Richey

Jodi Richey

Executive Director
Gwendy Daub

Gwendy Daub

Deputy Director

Founder's Story

Sally Coomer

Sally Coomer

Sally Coomer is the founder of Bridge of Promise and has a strong.......


All about Bridge of Promise and the Bridge Academy program.

Federal law guarantees an education for children with developmental disabilities like autism until the age of 21. But after turning 21 (each state determines the exact date), those young adults lose the specialized help and structure they've had for most of their lives. And there is no equivalent state or federal support required to take over.

Bridge of Promise loves to team up for some fun with others in the community and around the greater Seattle area!

Bridge of Promise is a organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children, teens and adults with disabilities. We do this by offering community based programs, camps and respite support to families. We hope to continue providing services and with your help look forward to opening new programs for those in need.

Meet some of the families who's lives have been touched by the Seattle area non-profit organization Bridge of Promise. Special thanks to Lane Russell, Rod Butler, Bridge Academy Staff, Bridge of Promise volunteers and the families that have shared their personal stories with us.

Bridge of Promise is an annual Summer Day Camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities. All activities are modified and equipped to allow full participation regardless of disability. This event is also a great opportunity for our adult community members with developmental disabilities to have a part in either being a participant or choosing to be a volunteer and work with our staff in running camp stations.