Social, Recreational and Life Skills Opportunities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Bridge of Promise is HIRING

  • Do you know someone who would be amazing working with our members? We offer medical benefits and PTO, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of doing something for the greater good! Please send serious inquiries our way! We are currently hiring for summer staff and full time year-round staff. Please contact Shanna if interested.




“We found out about Bridge of Promise on accident. We wish we would have known about it years before. Jeanna loves going to Bridge of Promise. When the new calendar comes out each month, she has me print it off for her so she can keep up to date. Last Friday, she prepared her backpack for the swimming trip on Monday. She loves reporting on the activities that they are doing. It gives her some great events that are independent from us. Meanwhile, the staff is top notch. We never worry about her. She always is welcomed and loved. There are not a lot of places tailored for Jeanna and her unique needs, but we found a great home in Bridge of Promise.”

~ John (Father)

Let's Play Ball 4


Michael is a social and funny adult with significant developmental delays. He loves to joke around and is happy when his antics are reciprocated.

Michael has been attending Bridge Academy through Bridge of Promise for the past 2 years. This program has had a significant, positive impact on our lives. “Michael looks forward to seeing his friends every day. He is able to go out into the community, take part in social activities and interact with both the disabled and non-disabled population in safe and appropriate environments.”

~ Jane (Mother)



To enrich the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Bridge of Promise


To provide engaging recreational, social and life skills opportunities for all individuals with developmental disabilities.

Bridge of Promise


At Bridge of Promise we value autonomy, individual choice, and personal potential and social engagement of all people, regardless of the presence of a developmental disability.