Summer Fun Fair

Participants Pay $10 & Register Below: 

registration fee waived for caregivers 

Step 1: Registration fee $10.00 payable through paypal. Select the "Buy Now" button to make your payment. After you make your payment come back to the Bridge of Promise website to complete your registration. Thank you!

Step 2: Fill out and submit registration information 

Participant Name *
Participant Name
Caregiver Attending *
If participant requires one to one assistance for feeding and/or toiletting, you must provide your own caregiver. There is no registration fee for caregivers.
Participant Birth Date *
Participant Birth Date
Does the participant want to swim? *
Consent for Photograph *
Consent for Photograph
I give permission for the staff of Bridge of Promise to photograph and/or take videos while at Bridge of Promise. I understand that these photographs/videos are to be used only for Bridge of Promise newsletter, website, program photo album, or advertising for the program.